Lie flat on the ground. Raise both legs to assume the position of Halasana first. Now bring your knee to the floor. Join your palms in front of you chest. Keep you trunk erect. Keep your nose, palms and your feet in a vertical straight line. Breathe normally. This Asana should be practices with caution. Persons whose thighs and calves are heavy will find it difficult to practice this Asana. Those having a slim body can perform this Asana comfortably.


  1. Karna means the ear. Pida means pain, discomfort or pressure. This is a variant of
  2. Halasana and could be done along with it.
  3. This asana rests the trunk, heart and legs.
  4. The spine is stretched more while bending the knees, and this helps the circulation of blood around the waistline.


Do the Halasana first, master it, and only then move on to practice this posture. Otherwise it may create a cramp in the muscles. Do not try too hard or for too long. This pose is to be maintained for half a minute to a minute only.