Stand firmly on you legs. Now take your left leg forward keeping a distance of about 3 feet between you feet. Raise both your arms above your head, reach up and join you palms. Flex you left knee till you left thigh is parallel to the floor. The bend knee should not extend beyond your ankle. Now look upwards at you stretched hands concentrating on the joined palms. Hold this pose for at least 15seconds. Repeat the same procedure with the other leg. Come back to the original posture.


  1. This Asana is dedicated to the powerful hero Virabhadra, created by Shiva from his matted hair.
  2. All standing poses are strenuous, this pose in particular.
  3. In this pose the chest is fully expanded and this helps deep breathing
  4. It relieves stiffness in the shoulders and the back, tones up the ankles and knees and also cures stiffness of the neck.
  5. It reduces fat around the hips.


All standing poses are strenuous, this posture in particular. It should not be tried by persons with a weak heart. Even people who are fairly strong should not stay long in this Asana. Hold the pose for about 20 seconds to half a minute with normal breathing.