Lie on the floor with you legs stretched straight on the ground. Now slowly lift you legs and hands. Rest only on the buttocks. The feet must be higher than the head. The stretched arms should be parallel to the legs. Slowly come back to the original position.


  1. It means entire or complete. This posture resembles that of a boat with oars.
  2. This Asana gives relief to persons who feel a bloating sensation in the abdomen due to gas. It also helps those suffering from gastric complaints
  3. Do not maintain the posture for a very longtime, know your own capacity and maintain it.
  4. It reduces fat around the waistline and tones up the kidneys. This exercise is effective on the intestines.


The balance should be maintained only on the buttocks and no part of th spine should be allowed to touch the floor. The legs should be allowed to touch the floor. The legs hould be kept at an angle of 60 to 65 degrees from the floor. The feet should be higher than the head. The shoulders and the palms should be on the same level. Stay in this pose for half a minute, to start with.